So you have decided to take a camping trip with all your brother, sisters, their spouses and all the kids. Not only do you have to plan the whole trip but you have to buy all the food because everyone else is flying in from the other side of the country. So you have to plan, buy and store the food for over 20 people.  This is what I do every few years and it is not an easy task but you do learn and it can be fun.

My kids are grown now so they can help. So what do I do? Make breakfast and lunch as easy as possible and plan things that do not require refrigeration. So plan eggs, bacon, fruit or cereal for breakfast and only have the eggs on 2 days at most to make storage easy. Lunch is best if it is sandwiches with cans of tuna, peanut butter and that type of thing. Lunch meat is hard because of refrigeration.

So try to make dinner a little more special and this is where you should concentrate. Write a plan for what you will have every day and from that make a shopping list. Now you are ready to go to the store.

I take my husband and both grown kids. We all go to Costco and each of us gets a cart and they follow me through the store getting what I tell them. Doing it this way we get just about everything in one trip to the store.

So what to buy?  Spaghetti is always a favorite and this is one of my favorite sauces. It is sold at Costco and if you cannot find it at your store order online using this link:



Don’t put meat or anything in because of storage.  At the end of a hiking day they will be quite tired and happy with a warm meal including just the noodles and sauce. For vegetables serve broccoli easy to fix and to store.

Another easy dinner is grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices. You just have to store the cheese. Also canned chili is a favorite and nothing requires storage.

If you have a motor home and therefore an oven then definitely take this Meat Lasagna.



Also from Costco, this lasagna is frozen so you can use it as ice in the cooler for the first few days and then cook it as soon as it starts to thaw.

And don’t forget plenty of water.

Have fun.

As a real estate agent I can tell you that nothing sells a home as well as a beautiful outdoor living space. Even if the view is only of the city lights people just love it. When you walk into a house with large windows and you can see straight out the window to the outdoor space everyone wants to head right out to the backyard. Just image relaxing on these lounge chairs and looking over the city at the mountains with a glass of wine.  The wonderful thing about this deck is that the rail is made of clear glass so you can enjoy the view even while sitting down.



Many of my clients have asked me for advice when remolding their outdoor space and I always advise a clear rail even if they have to cut cost on some other aspect of the decorating. Whenever I show a home with outdoor space and you cannot sit down and still enjoy the view the buyers are disappointed.

Just last week I sold a home with no view but it still had a wonderful outdoor space. It was a beautiful deck with a fireplace.



Although the home is just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean in southern California the previous owners had a fire year whenever they would entertain; even in the summer.  It was always cool enough and just made things a little cozy. The buyers hope to bring some of these ideas to the outdoor space.


Have fun outdoors whenever you can!!!